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Life Pharmacy image size.pngHave you ever experienced lash envy? Well, that ends today!

Eyelash serums may seem the stuff of legends but these potent, clinically proven elixirs applied above the lash line are the fastest, safest pathway to growing the glorious, lush, natural lashes you’ve always dreamed about.

When we talk to people about lash serums, we’re continually asked two questions: What do lash serums do? And do they work? Our answers are “Yes!” and “Yes!”. 

So we thought it was time we delved into this hot topic in greater detail and share with you some of the best eyelash serums on the market that you can get your hot little hands on today.

close-up-eye-eye-lashes-840810.jpgWhat do eyelash serums do and do they work?

Lash serums deliver stronger, thicker, resilient lashes, reduce breakage, strengthen eyelash roots at the dermis, and create a defined lash line, with some adding length, density and even curl. Some even repair and condition damaged and brittle lashes. Basically, they’re fast-acting growth serums designed to boost and fortify your lustrous lashes - with some even doubling eyelash length.

Each solution varies in its ingredient lists but most deliver shine and condition to lashes thanks to scientifically proven ingredients. These include proteins such as keratin, amino acids from lupins and silk - known to accelerate the growth process - hyaluronic acid - to moisturise lashes - vitamins A, C, E, H and B5, arginine, madecasside, filloxane, minerals, and nutrient-dense, pure antioxidant botanical extracts.

Other potent-acting, nourishing and revitalizing ingredients are polypeptides, biotin, soluble collagen, panthenol, caffeine, wheat germ, saw palmetto, soybean oil, grape stem cell, ginko biloba leaf, carica papaya fruit extract, almond extract, and pumpkin seed extract.

In your research, you need to look for safety, value for money, how quickly you’ll see results - usually 2-6 weeks - and seek out reputable brands known to produce premium products. 

Bottom line is yes, they work, but you need to find the product that works for you.

amazed-excited-eye-74472.jpgThey come with a warning!

As with any eye lotions and potions it’s critical that you invest in high quality brands with impeccable track records. At best dud products just won’t work. At worst they could harm the sensitive skin around your eyes, or result in lashes falling out.

Cheap products contain unnecessary chemicals that not only don’t work, they are merely fillers in the final product blend. Others contain nasties that have shown to cause severe reactions from iris and eyelid discolouration, eyelid droop, watery eyes, blurriness, irritation, stinging, itching, and in some instances infection.

Ingredients to avoid are parabens, silicones, petrochemicals, synthetic dyes, mineral oils and fragrances. Tread with caution, too, in using prostaglandin and prostaglandin analogs, used in glaucoma treatment, that are not safe for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or when undergoing chemotherapy. Chlorphenesin is another controversial ingredient that may cause some side effects such as irritation and iris discolouration. 

attractive-beautiful-beauty-574655.jpgHow to apply lash serums

This is the best part: it’s so easy! Daily application, usually after your nightly skincare cleansing routine, is the simplest and fastest way to see and maintain voluminous lash growth and healthy conditioning. 

Lash serum products application vary, from a fine, soft-bristled brush (similar to liquid eyeliner) to enable precise application, a conditioning wand to apply direct to lashes similar to mascara application, or a serum dropper.

Skin must be clean, dry and makeup-free for effective application, and while some products can be applied to both the upper and lower lash lines, a patch test is recommended as some lower lash application can cause redness and irritation to the delicate skin below the eyes. 

  • Brush application: The aim is to penetrate lash follicles with the serum without leakage onto the eye. All that is needed is a simple, one-swipe application drawn across the eyelid very close to the lash line above each eye. 
  • Wand application: This is applied directly from top to tip of lashes like mascara to condition, nourish and strengthen lashes. 
  • Serum Dropper: This is typical of serums and is designed to carefully drop serum to the eye area to be massaged in. 

Avoid oil-based eye makeup removers while you’re undergoing the lash growing process as some impact the potency of serums.

Life Pharmacy lash serums.pngTop 5 Lash Serums for strong, healthy, long lashes
  1. fLash Amplifying Eyelash Serum is an award-winning, amplifying serum that requires a one-daily application, or once every other day for new users, with its fine-tipped brush to see results as quickly as 2, and 6-12 weeks to see the full impact. It promises to condition lash follicles, while lengthening, thickening and even darkening lashes for dramatic effect. fLash is safe for sensitive eyes and for people who use contact lenses.
  2. L’Oréal Paris Clinically Proven Lash Serum (available in store only) comes with a lash booster serum applicator which enables application close to the lash line. It’s recommended use is twice a day, morning and night, to see thicker, stronger and longer lashes in just 4 weeks with a huge reduction in lash loss. Regular use fortifies, reinforces and conditions lashes while boosting lash volume.
  3. Maybelline Lash Sensational Boosting Serum (available in store only) is applied directly on lashes from the root to the tip every morning and night with a soft cotton wand applicator and promises high impact, plush lashes in just 4 weeks. This breakout Maybelline product containing arginine and pro-vitamin B5 delivers healthy, strong and supple lashes that appear thicker and fuller. If using in the morning, ensure eyelashes are dry before mascara application.
  4. Elizabeth Arden Prevage Clinical Lash and Brown Enhancing Serum (available in store only) promises a 2-4 week turn around in lash length and condition, restoring you to your revitalised lashes with daily use. Elizabeth Arden’s lash serum can be applied to both upper and lower lashes, as well as to thicken brows. This product is free of prostoglandins and prostaglandin analogs, fragrance, colour and parabens.
  5. Lancôme Advanced Genifique Light Pearl Youth Activating Eye and Lash Concentrate (available in store only) is an advanced lightweight conditioning serum that gives a 360° eye contour treatment to reduce puffiness, smooth fine lines while strengthening lashes. This cooling serum is designed for users to apply precision drops of this potent eye elixir followed by a gentle massage around the sensitive skin around the eyes. Daily use will create a softer, fresher eye contour and supple, conditioned lashes with decreased loss of lash.

Enjoy the confidence and compliments your newfound long, lush natural lashes bring!


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