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Know Your Numbers By Heart

There are a lot of important numbers to know by heart - special anniversaries, important phone numbers, our car's licence plate - but how many of you know off the top of your head one of the most important numbers of all?

Your blood pressure.

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We are generally not aware of the small rises in blood pressure that can creep up over th years. But understanding what your blood pressure numbers are and what the ideals numbers should be means we can have greater control over our cardiovascular health over the long run. 

An ideal reading is lower than 120 over 80. When written, the letters 'mm Hg' appear after the numbers which refers to 'millimetres of mercury' which is the measurement of pressure. Aiming to keep your blood pressure at a healthy level of 120/80 or below is the best way to limit your risk for cardiovascular events.

To do this, the best approach is to be proactive and take action to prevent a problem before there is one. Being aware of the dietary and lifestyle factors that can have an impact on blood pressure is a great start. Eating whole foods, close to their natural state and avoiding excess salt, sugar, fatty and processed foods is the best foundation. 

Keeping active, and maintaining good fitness and a healthy weight is also a must.

Support Normal Healthy Blood Pressure

Talk to your Pharmacist about adding in essential supplements that have a strong heritage of supporting normal and healthy blood pressure. Kyolic Aged Garlic combines the time-honoured knowledge of garlic's health benefits with the technological advancement of the proprietary aging process that further improves on what nature has to offer.

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Know Your Numbers By Heart

There are a lot of important numbers to know by heart, but how many of you know off the top of your head one of the most important numbers of all?

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