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Have you been using your Nasal Spray wrong?


Don’t like that drip that runs down the back of your throat leaving a nasty taste? Chances are you’re not using your nasal spray the right way.

A dry or stuffy nose doesn’t actually start in the nostrils, but your sinus cavities that run on each side of your nose, up to your forehead. That’s where we want to deliver the medicine to do its work, not straight to the back of your nose and down your throat.

Blow your nose if you’re a bit congested, make sure you get rid of any mucus before you use the nasal spray.

Shake the spray canister, you might need to prime it a few times before anything comes out. Put the canister tip into your nostril.

How you position your head is important. Chances are, when your Mum gave you nose drops she probably told you to lean your head back, but that’s going to make it run right down your throat. Instead, keep your head upright or tilted forward slightly.

Keep the opposite nostril closed. Gently press and hold down the nostril you’re not spraying as this can help you draw the spray into your upper nose more easily.

Do the W. Aim the nozzle towards the outside of your nostril (where your sinuses are) not towards the septum – the cartilage in between your nostrils.
Breathe in easily. As you spray, inhale gently. Snorting will result in everything going straight to your throat. Then, after each spray, just breathe out gently through your mouth.

Repeat for your other nostril.

Pharmacist Tips
• Never share your nasal spray with other people, as infections can easily be spread in this way.
• Nasal spray is liquid medication that can easily become contaminated. Follow the instructions on storing it, keep it out of the reach of children, and don’t use it once it has passed its expiry date.
• If a nasal spray makes your nose sting, itch or bleed, speak to your Doctor or Pharmacist. Do not continue use.

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Have You Been Using Your Nasal Spray Wrong?

Don’t like that drip that runs down the back of your throat leaving a nasty taste? Chances are you’re not using your nasal spray the right way.


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