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3 Tips For Salon Beauty At Home

We’ve all been missing our salon appointments dearly and it feels great to be able to finally get that much needed haircut or brow tidy-up. But, if you haven’t been able to get a spot at your local for another few weeks don’t stress, we’ve got three tips to keep you looking Salon perfect, with a little helping hand from makeup!

Tip 1: Gorgeous natural brows!

Those who have been spending a fair amount of time on Instagram recently will have seen the famous ‘soap’ brow trend - also known as ‘feathered brows’.

For anyone with full brows, this trend is your new best friend.  It will keep you looking naturally gorgeous with minimal or no makeup, and it looks amazing when you go full glam too!

  • To achieve this look, simply brush your brow hairs up using a spoolie – we love the Benefit Brow Blender Tool
  • Then dip into a clear brow gel such as Lancôme Eyebrows Styler Châtain Make Up.
  • Comb the brow gel through your hairs directing them upwards. Then take the top of the brow gel wand and adjust any individual hairs to lay them as you prefer.
  • Perfect!

If your eyebrows are more on the sparse side, but you still love this look - simply use the steps above except rather than using a clear brow gel, use a tinted one such as Benefit Gimme Brow which contains fibers to help build your brows up.

If you’re still looking for a helping hand in some areas, fill in the sparse spots first with a precise brow pencil like Benefit Precisely brow pencil.


Tip 2: Glowing skin, even when it’s having a dull moment!


The key to this is highlighter - a favourite that’s loved worldwide. It’s the trick to having glowing, hydrated healthy looking skin - even on the days that your skin doesn’t agree with you.

To get the most out of your highlighter on both natural and glam days, apply to the following areas.

  • Cheekbones! Obvious right? We'll teach you how to do it a little bit differently.
    First using your finger, feel for the very top of your cheekbone (it will be quite close to the beginning of your eye socket) - this is where we want to apply the highlighter.
    Next, take your brush and apply your highlighter in a tight C shape - running your brush into the brow bone. Top Tip: Don’t take your brush too far back onto your temple, we want to keep the highlighter in a tight C formation.

  • Now, if you don’t want to accentuate your forehead then we recommend keeping your highlighter down low towards your brow bone. Dust the highlighter just above your brow arches. Top Tip: You just want a light dusting of highlight, so don’t dip back into the pan - just use what you have left over on your brush. 
  • Same as above, we don’t want too much on your chin otherwise it will end up looking too oily - just a light dusting will do.
  • Brow bone. Back to the brow bone! Use a small brush to dot a nice amount of highlighter on the brow bone, under the highest arch point in your brows. This will give you a lifted look.
  • Inner corner! Make your eyes pop, grab that same small brush you used on your brow bone and place highlighter on your inner corners.
  • Cupids bow. A very light dusting of the highlighter on the tip of your cupid's bow helps make your lips appear more plump!
  • Nose? Simply take your small brush, dip lightly into the highlighter and run it down the bridge of your nose. Maybe skip this one though if you suffer from oily skin. Top Tip: Be careful! You want to draw a straight line otherwise you can make your nose appear crooked. 

Amazing, you're glowing!

Here are some great highlighters we love at the moment.


Tip 3: Is that your skin?



Whether you're having a natural make up day, full glam or somewhere in between, a good Setting Spray is key to saying goodbye to cakey, powdery skin - and hello to long lasting and gorgeous looking make-up!

Here’s our Top Tip to mastering the not-so-simple spritz.

  • Got your sponge? Great, now spritz your setting spray towards your face, remember don’t spray too close!
  • Next, fan your face to help the spray dry.
  • Once most of the spray feels like it’s dried, take your sponge and gently bounce any excess setting spray into your skin.
  • This not only helps your makeup last longer, but will help you be rid of any concentrated spots of setting spray which will dry and make your base look uneven.

Dry skin? If you're looking to help your skin look hydrated and dewy all day long, then we recommend Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray!

Or, if you’re on the normal to combination side then you’ll love Revlon PhotoReady Prep, Set, Refresh Mist.

And there you have it! Salon-perfect tips for flawless brows and skin.

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3 Tips For Salon Beauty At Home

If you haven’t been able to get a spot at your local salon don’t stress, we’ve got three tips to keep you looking Salon perfect, with a little helping hand from makeup!

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