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Nit Pickin'

Head lice or nits tend to be most common in young children from the ages of 4 to 11, and while it’s essentially harmless, it can be very annoying for your children as they can cause a very itchy scalp. If not treated, they can live in the hair for a long time and easily pass onto friends and family.

What to Do if Your Child Has a Fever

Having a fever – when the body’s temperature rises above 37ºC – is not an illness in itself. It is however, a symptom of another condition, most commonly an infection.

What Causes Reflux in Babies and Children?

If your toddler or older child has reflux and it is causing them distress, take them to see your family doctor.

Tops Tips for Nappy Rash

Nappy rash is a red, irritating skin rash in the area covered by a baby's nappy

Pain Management for Kids

A child’s body temperature can rise as a way to fight viral infections like colds and flu. Fever can also be caused by teething, earache, sore throat, headache and immunisations.

Caring for a Baby with Colic

If a baby has colic, they’ll cry and fret inconsolably for several hours or more at a time, without an obvious reason.