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Transition into Summer Makeup


Less is more when it comes to summer makeup with sun protection dominating the daily skin routine. 

While winter tends to be cold and dry with chilly winds licking exposed places, zapping the skin of its natural moisture making it dry and chapped, when summer heats up, our skin needs to adapt to increased humidity and ultraviolet (UV) exposure. 

Each season comes with its own skin challenges, so the key is transitioning seamlessly from one to the other as seasons come and go so your skin is healthy and radiant no matter what the weather.


Protect against summer sun

You know by now that when you hit the beach you need to cover from head to toe in broad spectrum SPF sunscreen if not, read all about why protecting yourself from the kiwi sun matters, but some of the best skin protection you can do starts with your daily moisturiser and makeup choices.

Summer UV rays are strongest from September through to April peaking in December through to March from as early as 8.30am until 5.30pm. Simply walking to work, grabbing a mid-morning coffee or driving across town to meet a friend exposes your face to UVA and UVB rays that have accelerated life long damaging effects when you’re not protected. 

Your face and lips are extra vulnerable due to their much thinner skin and being uncovered most of the time. Lips having no protective melanin pigment in them whatsoever making them even more prone to burning.

No matter how vigilant people are, dermatologists are still seeing the effects of sustained sun damage, age spots and spider veins on decolletages and noses, with premature wrinkles around the eyes and visible skin sagging on the face and neck.


Start protection from the moment you wake up

There is no moment too early to start your sun protection moisturising and makeup routine. Start by prioritising sun protection factor (SPF) in the morning and save the deeply hydrating and replenishing moisturisers for night.


In winter, a daily moisturiser on face, neck and chest containing SPF 15 or 20 is ideal but in summer boost this to SPF 20 or above. Any of these moisturisers nourishes skin with essential nutrients and antioxidants for all day protection:


Foundation is your next barrier against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays, known to compromise collagen production that firms and plumps skin. Between May and October using SPF 15 is ideal, but bump it up higher in spring and summer to SPF 30 during December to March:

BB Cream

The best thing about summer skin is its healthy glow. So when we return from a summer break, lighter coverage makeup is just the ticket and BB cream is an ideal replacement for heavier foundation. Use an SPF BB cream during the day and one without at night so your gorgeous natural luminosity shines through:

Lip care

It’s so easy to forget about protecting our lips when we’re out and about but they are vulnerable all year round. In winter SPF 15 will protect lips, but head straight for the SPF 50 if you know you’ll be out in the sun. End the day with a gorgeous restorative lip treatment to heal any damage from the elements any time of the year:

Finish with a shimmering blush, highlighter and bronzer and you’re ready for anything!

Discover your best sun protection and moisturising products.


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Transition into summer makeup

Less is more when it comes to summer makeup with sun protection dominating the daily skin routine.