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Our Top Tips to Bring Ease During This Unplanned Home Retreat

We appreciate that this time of uncertainty may raise feelings of anxiety. Self-isolation can be daunting, as can a change of routine and possibly even circumstances. Stress can be detrimental to our wellbeing, so it’s important to help reduce anxiety and remain balanced and calm. We’ve compiled some of our top tips and recommendations of how to stay healthy, relaxed and well during this time.

1. Regular exercise

Even though your favourite gym or yoga studio has temporarily closed, your exercise can continue. Exercise is very important to help reduce anxiety and release endorphins (happy hormones). There are many online resources of work out videos, from energetic cardio or dance to relaxing yoga or qi gong. This is also a good chance to explore your local neighbourhood, maybe try going a different direction and find a reserve that you didn’t know was on your backdoor for your daily walk.


2. Take a deep breath

Breathing is automatic, natural and organic - we don’t need to make it happen, and most of the time we don’t even think about it happening. When we stop and consciously focus on our breathing, it can profoundly relax our body and mind as it calms our central nervous system. If you find your mind wandering or your breath is erratic, then you may find counting your breath steadily in for 4 counts and steadily out for 4 counts can help keep your focused awareness.

Meditation has proven powerful to steady the mind and relax thoughts - there is a wealth of online support and apps to help get you started if you’re new to meditation.


3. Learning something new

 Nowadays, we have an abundance of resources at our fingertips. Studies have shown that when we learn new things it can stimulate the brain and open new neural pathways. You could jump online to learn a new language (which has been proven to be one of the best activities for our mind) or maybe find a recipe you’ve never made before and get creative in the kitchen.


4. Where your attention lies

Having information at the touch of a button can be great! The flipside of this is that we can be bombarded with news which can be unsettling or even scary - causing anxiety and stress. If it is, try reducing your consumption of news in favour of more positive content. We can’t alter what is happening in the news, but we do have a choice of what we focus our awareness on.


5. Appreciation

When we are anxious and stressed, it can be hard to find things to appreciate. However, studies have shown that an attitude of gratitude is so beneficial for our well-being. This could even be as simple as gazing with full appreciation on your pet. Don’t worry about that item you couldn’t get at the supermarket, and instead revel in the food that you do have - even the simplicity of enjoying a cup of tea. If you can find more things to appreciate, no matter how small, it can be of great benefit for your health and happiness.


This unplanned home retreat can be seen as an opportunity; to slow down, rest, nourish ourselves, clear out cupboards, learn something new, enjoy time with our families and care for our community. All whilst having time to stop and take some deep breaths.

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