Forgetting your medicine? Try these tips to remember

Tips for remembering to take your medicines

If you sometimes forget to take your medicine, try these tips...

A printed calendar

  • Mark the date on a calendar once you have taken your medication for that day. If you need to take medication two or three times in a day, then you can mark the date two or three times.
  • Marking a calendar can also be useful if you need to take medication at odd intervals, such as two times a week or once a month.

Set an alarm

  • Use your smartphone or an alarm clock to remind yourself that your medication needs to be taken at a particular time each day.

Use an app or your smartphone’s reminder widget 

  • There are a number of free apps you can download to help you remember or you can set a recurring reminder on your phone.

Talk to your Life Pharmacist

Life Pharmacy offers a number of ways to help you remember your medicine. You can get a pillbox with the days of the week labelled. Or talk to your Pharmacist about Life Pharmacy’s compliance packaging service in which your tablets and capsules are dispensed into a convenient, safe and reliable pack instead of bottles and boxes. The packs are labelled with the time and day to take each medicine – no more guesswork!

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