5 Immunity Superstars

A strong immune system is essential for beating the winter blues. But what vitamins and minerals should you be focusing on?

Here we highlight the top five natural immunity boosters that will help you ward off any nasty ills and chills this winter.

Zinc is an essential mineral for keeping your immune system strong. It helps to heal wounds, supports respiratory tract health and is a major ally in our fight against ills and chills. It’s particularly important for kids too, as it supports healthy growth.

Highly regarded for its immune boosting properties, echinacea is a powerful natural herb used worldwide to maintain happy, healthy bodies.

You’ll find echinacea supplements in many different forms, from capsules and tablets to gummies and teas, which makes it easy to keep a stash handy in your pantry (or your handbag, work desk or car). Have a chat to your local Pharmacist about which form of echinacea is best for you and your family.

Vitamin C needs little introduction. Well-known as an immunity-boosting powerhouse, vitamin C plays a huge role in winter wellness. Our bodies don’t produce vitamin C on their own, so it’s important we get enough of it through diet with plenty of fruit and veg and supplements.

Like vitamin C, vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps boost your body's defences. Vitamin E supports balanced cholesterol, hormonal balance and is amazing for hair, nails and skin as it acts as a natural anti-aging nutrient. Plant foods such as nuts, seeds, fruits and grains are great for topping up your vitamin E levels and there are also many supplements available. Interested in hearing more about the benefits of Vitamin E? Have a chat to your Pharmacist at your local Life Pharmacy.

Vitamin D is the ‘sunshine vitamin’, meaning we can easily become deficient during the cold winter months (when laying on a sunny beach is all but a distant memory!). This vitamin is well known for its effective immune-strengthening benefits and for keeping bones strong and healthy. As it’s found in very few foods, a dietary supplement is an easy way of ensuring you don’t risk becoming vitamin D deficient.


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