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Foot Specialist Appointment

Put your best foot forward with our range of Foot Specialist appointments. See our trained staff to help with fungal infection treatment or advice on products that help shoes fit better and your feet feel more comfortable.

If you start to notice that you’ve got itchy toes or see white or brittle patches on your nails, you could have a fungal infection.  A fungal infection can be easily caught from someone else, if you share clothes or shoes or touch their infected skin. You can also pick up a fungal infection by being in contact with wet surfaces like bathroom floors, showers, swimming pool changing rooms, even towels and bathmats.

Treating fungal infections

Your Pharmacist can recommend a suitable antifungal treatment after having a quick consultation with you to find out the location and how long you have had it. It’s really important to use your treatment as often as directed (usually once or twice a day) and for at least a week after the infection has gone to prevent it from recurring. If your Pharmacist thinks you require a prescription medicine for a severe or bacterial infection, they’ll refer you to your doctor.

Or chat to one of our consultants around the best foot-care products. Book today!