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What's in your Essential Start report?

Your wellness journey with Ingeneous begins with a nutrigenomic based action plan. Your personalised report has been designed to give recommendations on how to coordinate these systems for optimal wellness, including:

  • Pro and Anti Inflammation
    Learn how your body responds to inflammatory challenges. Includes a 3-week reset.

  • Detoxification
    Discover what will boost your body’s antioxidants to support detoxification to clear toxins.

  • Vitamin D Pathway
    Understand how to improve the function of your vitamin D receptor which can help over 200 wellbeing related genes.

You will receive a genetic analysis and key insights, plus a 3-week inflammatory reset - the first step in the Ingeneous roadmap to wellness. 



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What's in your LifeStyle Plus report?

Your Say hello to your personalised nutrigenetic maintenance plan. This second step on your journey is designed to support and maintain your improved inflammatory coordination.

  • What to drink
    Learn how your body responds to caffeine and alcohol, including reccomendations according to your genes.

  • What to eat
    Discover what nutrition your body thrives on, plus your amylase copy number for carbohydrate guidance.

  • How to exercise
    Understand which styles of training are optimal for your inflammation response including a ratio between cardio and resistance. Includes recovery guidance.

The recommendations in this report are designed to maintain a state of optimised and coordinated inflammation balance. By following your unique lifestyle guidelines, you can actively encourage positive changes to continue.