Weight & Vitamins

Weight loss and a healthy you with the support of vitamins and nutritional supplements | Life Pharmacy

Vitamins and nutritional supplements provide support to your body when essential nutrients are lacking in your diet or when you have increased needs for certain nutrients. By taking vitamins and supplements in combination with a healthy diet, exercise and plenty of sleep, you may enjoy important health benefits.

Some dietary supplements and foods can also assist with weight management. Diet shakes and low calorie bars are popular weight management products available through Life Pharmacy.

Before taking vitamins or dietary supplements it is important to do your research. If you have health conditions you should seek medical advice or talk to your pharmacist to ensure any vitamins you take are complementary to medications and your health objectives. It is also recommended to always read the packaging of vitamins and dietary supplements to understand how best to take them, and any foods, drinks or other vitamins or supplements that you need to avoid. Ask your pharmacist if you are unsure.

Some of the most popular vitamins and supplements available at Life Pharmacy include fish oil, magnesium, vitamin c, probiotics and iron. We stock all the leading vitamin, nutrition and weight management brands such as Swisse, Optifast, Clinicians, Imedeen, BlackmoresGO Healthy, Good Health, Nutra-Life, Thompson's and more.

Keep yourself and your loved ones healthy with the help of Life Pharmacy.