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Perfect your Pout and Nails with these Iconic Faves

MAKEUP2019_2FULTRA_ROUGE_2F02_ViewAlt_2FY0038009_E06_ZHC_EN_INT.jpgEvery flawless beauty look deserves the flourishing sweep of a sculpting lipstick and an elegant nail, so why not build your collection with the icons?

Less is more when it comes to the icons of beauty. From passionate reds to classic nudes, the world’s leading fashion houses have refined what it means to own perfectly polished sophistication. Discover the best in beauty below. 


Iconic Lipstick 
Iconic Lip Gloss
Iconic Lip Liner
Iconic Nail Polish
  • Essie Nail Colour Ballet Slippers with its barely-there, sheer nail colour makes it a fashion lovers’ favourite. This award-winning shade with a high gloss, streak-free finish is a must for daily wear.
  • O.P.I. Nail Lacquer – Bubble Bath is the stuff of legends boasting more than 200 iconic colours with O.P.I.’s cheeky names for every shade. Bubble Bath is a beauty blogger fave providing fast, easy coverage in just two coats for strong nails and chip-free coverage that lasts.
  • Revlon revolutionised nail polishes and lipsticks back in 1939 with Revlon Nail Enamel - Cherries in the Snow #270 which allowed people to match their lips and tips. 
  • It’s all about that base when it comes to the O.P.I. Natural Nail Base Coat in Clear. Along with a priming barrier layer to protect nails this lacquer evens out nail texture and makes the final colour adhere to the nail more easily for long lasting wear.
If you have nothing else, you should have these products.

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