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Eye & Ear Care

Products for eye health and ear health | Life Pharmacy

Eye and ear health is often taken for granted, but when eyes and ears are not feeling their best it can really affect your day to day activities.

Eye discomfort can vary from itchy eyes, watery eyes, to dry or red eyes, or may indicate an eye infection such as an eye sty. Contact lens wearers may find they suffer from dry eyes and sometimes from allergic reactions to contact lens solution.

One of the most common causes of ear pain and impaired hearing is the build up of earwax. You may experience itching, dryness, slight pain in the ear or hearing loss. Ear drops will help relieve this and other ear infections.

Life Pharmacy has a range of contact lens care, eye care and ear care products including reading glasses, contact lens solution, eye dropsear dropsear plugs, ear cleaning products and more.