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Caring for baby teeth and coping with teething | Life Pharmacy

Most babies start teething at around six months of age. While baby teething does not impact every child, many will suffer sore gums and become somewhat grumpy as a result. One way to soothe a teething baby is to give them a teething ring to chew on. Chilling the teething ring in the fridge can also help.

Once baby teeth are through, it’s important that they are looked after just as adults should be. A baby toothbrush or child’s toothbrush should be used morning and night to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy. A good tip is finding a kid’s toothpaste that your child likes the taste of.

Life Pharmacy stocks a range of oral care products for babies and kids including teething rings, toothbrushes for babies and kids and toothpaste for children. Shop oral care for babies and kids with Life Pharmacy today.