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Fragrance Know-How

1.3.19 ARTICLE 1 - FRAGRANCE KNOW-HOW Banner.jpgDon’t be too influenced by a pretty bottle.

The most important thing to consider when buying a new perfume is how it smells on your skin. Oil levels in different skin types can affect the aroma of a fragrance, so try (for a good few hours) before you buy.

Do smell fragrances in the morning...

and avoid eating spicy or heavily flavoured foods beforehand. As the senses of taste and smell are so closely connected, it will affect how you interpret the scent; and your nasal membrane will still have heavy, strong flavours lingering for a while after you’ve eaten.

Don’t test too many fragrances in one go...

as your senses will become confused and you won’t be able to differentiate one smell from another. Stop after testing three or four (maximum five), and take a break.

Fragrance is like wine:

stored correctly, it will help the aroma stay fresh. Don’t keep your bottles in direct sunlight or under harsh lights, as the heat can affect the fragrance oils and change the smell.

Never rub your wrists together

when you apply perfume – it makes the top notes fade faster, which affects the overall aroma.

Perfume will evaporate faster on dry skin.

Help it last longer by ensuring your skin is well hydrated with a nourishing body lotion before you spritz.

Our Picks...

Whether it’s fashion, emotion or mood that inspires your perfume choice, here are some of our favourites:

FOR THE MOOD: Yves Saint Laurent Babydoll EDT 50ml

Flirty, fun, forever young. A happy-go-lucky fragrance that lives in the moment.

FOR FEELING ROMANTIC: Yves Saint Laurent Opium EDT 30ml

Get sensual with striking notes of mandarin and bergamot. A mystical scent, with middle notes of myrrh and jasmine.

FOR MAKING A STATEMENT: Calvin Klein One Shock For Her EDT 50ml

Edgy, Sexy, Impulsive. CK One Shock for Her opens up with a fierce bouquet of passionflower, intensifies with a drizzle of liquid chocolate accord and warms into a second skin of musk for an addictive signature.

FOR THE FASHIONISTA: Oscar de la Renta Signature EDT 100ml

As timeless as the house’s designs. The eau de toilette opens with a bouquet of florals that blend with its sweet, musky heart and base notes. Make it your signature scent.


Message in a Bottle

Shopping for a fragrance can become a full on sensory overload - from the colours, the bottles in every colour and shape and the sampling of scents. When you’re shopping for someone else you want to choose a scent that says all the right things, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Fragrance Know-How

Here are our top tips for finding the fragrance to suit your every mood.

Fresh Fragrances

Think sea breezes, thunderstorms and citrus for fresh fragrances

6 Perfume Hacks to Make Your Fragrance Last

Our perfumes and fragrances can define us. They’re a special purchase whether by you or as a thoughtfully chosen gift from somebody else. So making them last for as long as possible is important.

Woody Fragrances

Scents of the forest are represented in woody fragrances. Take a walk with mother nature and encounter the fragrant scents of cedar, pine, sandalwood and vetiver