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Fragrance Know-How

Here are our top tips for finding the fragrance to suit your every mood.

Fresh Fragrances

Think sea breezes, thunderstorms and citrus for fresh fragrances

6 Perfume Hacks to Make Your Fragrance Last

Our perfumes and fragrances can define us. They’re a special purchase whether by you or as a thoughtfully chosen gift from somebody else. So making them last for as long as possible is important.

Message in a Bottle

Shopping for a fragrance can become a full on sensory overload - from the colours, the bottles in every colour and shape and the sampling of scents. When you’re shopping for someone else you want to choose a scent that says all the right things, but it can be hard to know where to start.

Woody Fragrances

Scents of the forest are represented in woody fragrances. Take a walk with mother nature and encounter the fragrant scents of cedar, pine, sandalwood and vetiver

Oriental Fragrances

Exotic blends and warm spices bring oriental notes to fragrance.

Floral Fragrances

Citrus, spice and flowers play into floral fragrances