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6 Perfume Hacks to Make Your Fragrance Last

pink-2791366_1920.jpgOur perfumes and fragrances can define us. They’re a special purchase whether by you or as a thoughtfully chosen gift from somebody else. So making them last for as long as possible is important.

Surprisingly we’re all a little guilty of our laissez faire attitudes when it comes to caring for these beauties. Well girrrrl, that stops now!

aromatic-birthday-bottle-965991.jpgWhy storing fragrance the right way matters

By storing your perfume bottle the right way, you extend the shelf life of the precious fragrances within. Remembering that many fragrances are limited edition or vintage and if you have your hot little hands on one of those, then keeping them smelling fab for ages is vital.

Generally, perfume is optimal for 24 months. Some perfume products indicate its best used by date or prime duration somewhere on the bottle or packaging.

But as with many things in life, the better care you take of them, the longer they retain their quality. There are six things that fragrances really, really don’t like.

bright-coffee-color-1021031.jpg1. Fragrances don’t like oxygen

When your fragrance is still in its wrapper and box, unopened, it doesn’t usually denigrate if it is high quality. When the scent meets oxygen after your first spray, however, that’s when it can start to lose its potency. While you can’t stop oxygen reacting with your perfume, there’s no need to give oxygen more chance to get into your perfumes. So always ensure lids are tight on your scent especially if you’re carrying a perfume with you in a handbag or luggage.

2. Fragrances don’t like heat

If you recall your chemistry days playing in the lab with bunsen burners, you’ll know that plenty of chemical reactions occur when you apply heat to an ingredient changing its molecular structure. Given perfumes are made of many synthetic or natural ingredients, extracts, oils and alcohols, you can imagine then how many molecules could transform by reacting to heat and therefore change your fave scent into a not-so-fave, fast! So avoid storing by a window, in the car or anywhere exposed to hot sun rays.

3. Fragrances don’t like cold

Same goes for the really cold. Basically, fragrances don’t like extremes of temperatures, or fluctuations from hot to cold and back again. So it’s a “No!” to storing your perfume in the freezer. Some people like to store theirs in the fridge but bear in mind that every time your fridge door opens, light will hit your perfume time and time again… see below on what we think about that. Plus if your cap is not secured, you’re going to create some very strange cheese flavours!

4. Fragrances don’t like humidity

As with heat and cold, fragrances don’t adapt well to the heat and humidity in a bathroom so your scents will spoil and sour if they’re exposed to this environment a lot of the time. In fact, humidity and steam can break down the chemical structure of perfume making it smell “off”. So you, don’t want to do that. Pack your perfume away after your morning spritz.

5. Fragrances don’t like light

Many of your scents will come in an opaque bottle, but some won’t. As with heat, perfume doesn’t like the light. So that’s light from light bulbs and the sun. So dark cupboards (ideally not in the bathroom!!), drawers and wardrobes are the ultimate haven for your perfumes. If you have one at work, keep it in a top drawer.

6. Fragrances don’t like rapid movement

Never, ever shake your perfumes! It’s the fastest way to spoil what’s inside. Unlike your G&T, fragrances have been well blended so don’t need a shakeup before use. You’ve been warned.

We love scent and we want you to get the most out of yours. So get your fragrances organised and start taking care of them using our 6 amazing tips! And if you’re looking for your new fave treat yourself here.

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6 Perfume Hacks to Make Your Fragrance Last

Our perfumes and fragrances can define us. They’re a special purchase whether by you or as a thoughtfully chosen gift from somebody else. So making them last for as long as possible is important.

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