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Tools for a Top Smile

1.3.19 ARTICLE 10- TOOLS FOR A TOP SMILE Banner.jpgKeep your smile bright and your mouth healthy with our top oral care tips

You’ll see soft, medium and hard bristle toothbrushes but which one should you choose? For most people, a soft bristled brush is the safest choice. Depending on how vigorously you brush, a hard-bristled brush could actually damage the gums and protective tooth enamel. An electric toothbrush can help prevent harsh scrubbing by using a gentle circular motion. They can also make brushing easier for those with arthritis or other conditions that affect motor skills.

Different mouthwashes tackle different dental problems. Some help reduce plaque and prevent gingivitis; while others contain fluoride to help fight cavities and control or mask bad breath. If you have difficulty brushing and flossing, a mouthwash may provide additional protection against cavities and gum disease.

Choose a toothpaste that contains fluoride to strengthen tooth enamel and prevent tooth decay. Many toothpastes also have ingredients that fight tooth sensitivity, gingivitis (early-stage gum disease), bad breath, or hardened plaque called tartar.

Tongue scrapers help rid of bacteria build up that causes bad breath, but your toothbrush can do the job just as well.

Flossing is a must for healthy teeth. Make sure you floss at least once a day to remove food particles trapped between teeth that your toothbrush misses.

If you have trouble using dental floss, interdental (between the teeth) cleaning aids can help remove plaque. These products include picks, sticks, and mini-brushes to get between and around teeth. Make sure you can gently get between your teeth and under your gum line with the product you choose.

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Tools for a Top Smile

Keep your smile bright and your mouth healthy with our top oral care tips.

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