Security & Privacy


When you place an online order with us, your payment will be processed through the Paymark Click Payment Gateway. Paymark Click secures all your customer and credit card data with military-grade software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available. Botany Pharmacy (2016) Limited will not store or transfer any of your credit card information. All data is transferred using Paymark Click secure servers.


Botany Pharmacy (2016) Limited and Green Cross Health Limited comply with the Privacy Act 1993. All order information, including any personal information, collected for the processing of your order remain private and confidential.  Personal information may include your name, email address, phone number,  postal address and delivery address. Such personal information is collected and used by Botany Pharmacy (2016) Limited and Green Cross Health Limited and cannot be accessed by any other external party (except for third party technology providers who are not authorised to use such information for any purpose, but may back up data (including personal information) to secure international sites).

Your personal information is managed in accordance with the Green Cross Health Customer Privacy Policy.