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The Science of Skincare

PFZ3412_IMEDEEN_GCH_BANNER_1100x220_v1.jpgWhy leave your skincare regime up to chance?

Tried, tested and trusted products supported by science are the key
to healthy, younger-looking skin.

With skincare supplements, this is especially important and the award-winning IMEDEEN® brand leads the way. For 25 years, IMEDEEN® has been pioneering the science of beauty from within and today is acclaimed as the most studied skincare supplement in the world with 10 scientific trials and a number of in-vitro and consumer studies supporting the range.

Naturally derived Biomarine Complex

IMEDEEN® skincare supplements contain the naturally derived Biomarine Complex, rich in moisture- binding polysaccharides and proteins, similar to those found naturally in the skin. Each age-adjusted formulation is built around this key ingredient and enhanced with different levels of antioxidant nutrients to target signs of aging where they begin; deep down in the skin’s dermal layer where creams and lotions cannot reach.

In today’s consumer world, we expect research, recommenda-tions and a star rating to make any decision, from booking a holiday to buying a car. With the information available, we never have to ‘take a chance’ on our purchases. The same goes for skincare.

Today’s skincare is smarter and savvier than ever before. Put through rigorous testing, skincare products are held to the highest degree of scrutiny. All of this is done for us, to provide the best experience and result possible.

IMEDEEN® Classic

Classic for women experiencing loss of radiance and first signs of skin aging - Biomarine Complex plus Vitamin C and Zinc.

IMEDEEN® Time Perfection

Time Perfection for women wanting to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay – Biomarine Complex plus US patented LycoPhenceGS Forte (Tomato Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Vitamin C, Zinc).

IMEDEEN® Prime Renewal

Prime Renewal for women wanting to combat the signs of skin aging that occur around the menopause – Biomarine Complex plus EU patented ViTea (White Tea, Tomato Extract, Grapeseed Extract, Vitamins C, E, Zinc).

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