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Introducing Little Honey

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Have you heard about New Zealand’s new favourite Self Tan?

“As a makeup artist in both NZ and London for over 20 years, I have loved the world of beauty for as long as I can remember. Having bought, used and generally played with the best of the best products in my industry, I could never find the ‘perfect’ instant tan. They either smelt bad, got all over my clothes and sheets, went orange – and I won’t even start on the application mitts!”
– Kate | Little Honey Self Tan NZ Founder

Little Honey was designed to solve all your Self Tanning issues. We set out to create a truly Instant Tan that not only looked beautiful but was easy to use, quick drying and had no lingering unpleasant ‘fake tan’ smell. Best of all Little Honey is created right here in New Zealand! A finalist in the 2019 NZ Best in Beauty Awards our Flawless Bronzing Mist is your new go to when it comes to tanning.

Over the years we have mastered the art of self tanning so here are our top 5 tanning tips to achieving a flawless glow:

Tan tip #1: Prep

Firstly our advice is to not just to prep the skin day a day before applying your self tan. Exfoliate and moisturize daily leading up to the tan day skin is at best.

Only exfoliate on the day of tanning, leave the moisturizer as self tan always works best on clean dry skin free of deodorants and moisturizers.

Make sure to shave or wax 24 hours prior to applying your Little Honey Flawless Bronzing Kit as this will give the pores time to close, and you won’t end up with tan settling into them causing the dreaded “strawberry legs” look.


Tan tip #2: Apply

The best way to ensure your tan doesn’t grab on areas such as knuckles, elbows, or knees follow this application technique. Spray your Flawless Blending glove with 1-2 pumps of your Flawless Bronzing Mist and start on larger areas such as forearms or calves buffing in circular motions. Next use whatever is left on the glove to FLICK over the areas that grab. Remember to concentrate more on the areas the sun would naturally hit e.g. tops of your arms and legs rather than sides of ankles or tops of your hands. Flicking over these areas with less product creates a natural looking fade.

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Tan tip #3: Face tanning

To achieve the perfect tanned face: Spray one pump of your Flawless Bronzing Mist with two parts of your night moisturizer & smooth down face and neck to wake up with a golden glow. Just don’t forget to wash your hands after applying.

*Bonus tip: Before you tan, you can rub an ice cube over your face to seal your pores. The ice cube temporarily constricts pores, so they look smaller and the self-tanner applies nicer and smoother.

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Tan tip #4: Fixing a mistake

If you do happen to have a tanning error, just douse a damp flannel with lemon juice then pop in the microwave for 2 minutes. Check it is not too hot then rub over the affected area. This will remove the tan.

Tan tip #5: How to tan your back

Having trouble reaching your back? Just raid the kitchen! Grab a long-handled wooden spoon or spatula and put your Flawless Blending Glove over the spoon end, then tie it with a rubber band. Spray a pump or two of your Flawless Bronzing Mist onto the attached glove and extend around to those hard to reach areas. Alternately if help is at hand we just might have the answer.... The Boyfriend Glove! Little Honey created a world first in tanning. This glove is for the mantanners, the brobesties, the flatmales & guypartners everywhere. No more awkward hand half in & half out applications. The very first man sized self-tanning glove is here!

To start your self-tan journey you can purchase our Flawless Bronzing Kit here

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