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Age-defying creams


When we think about ageing skin, most of us think of wrinkles.  But skin undergoes many different changes a time passes, so it make sense to choose an anti-ageing cream that addresses your concerns such as Brightening,Nourishing or Lifting/Scuplting.


Even on unlined skin, brown spots and pigmentation make you look older (that's why they call them age spots). Even on unlined skin, brown spots and pigmentation make you look older. These are cumulative, and can also be related to hormones, which is why they become more noticeable over time.  To target these in a clinic you’d choose intense pulsed light or specialised laser treatments, which again are fairly costly and not painless.  But there are also high-tech skincare ingredients that can lighten pigmented areas and even help stop new dark spots forming.


Around age 40, the body’s natural decrease in collagen production starts to become more noticeable.  The unfortunate truth is that this is where many women start to notice sagging skin, and hollowing at the eye sockets and under cheekbones.

To combat this loss of fullness, collagen injections are an effective (but expensive) remedy.  And many of us choose not to take such drastic action.  As an alternative consider an anti-ageing cream billed as firming, lifting or sculpting.  Often they come with instructions on facial massage, to help life your skin upward and combat gravity’s toll.


Older skin is naturally drier and the issue thinner, which can lead to a crepey appearance.  While a simple lotion may have given your skin enough moisture in the past, now you may feel that extra hydration is needed.  Switch from a lotion to a cream or oil (especially at night), and look for moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, ceramides, plant butters and oils.


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