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Active Beauty

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Hit the gym often? There’s no reason why you can’t kick butt and look good doing it, but chances are your beauty requirements are a bit more demanding. You need products that work just as hard as you do. Products that can stand up to the elements and the sweat without clogging your pores and leaving your skin gasping for air.

We’ve picked out our favourite high performance, low maintenance gym bag gems to keep you looking and feeling great in and out of the studio


For natural, long-wearing, water resistant lashes, use Estee Lauder Little Black Primer. This mascara colours and lifts bare lashes so they stay silky throughout the day and even overnight. Using a water-resistant mascara means you won’t get that panda look while working up a sweat.  It can also be used as a top coat to reduce the smudging and flaking of any other mascara you might already be wearing. It’s the perfect mascara for a soft, natural look at the gym.

A Natural Deodorant Alternative

Dermal Therapy Crystal Deo is a 100% natural deodorant that provides an invisible protective barrier, preventing the growth of odour-causing bacteria, while allowing your skin to breathe. It’s hypo-allergenic and ideal for sensitive skin.

Light and Natural Coverage

For light and natural coverage that works to reduce the appearance of blemishes while clearing white and blackheads, try La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo [+] Unifiant 40ml. You can use it as a spot treatment, all over the face like a primer or even mix a little with your moisturizer. We love Natio Daily Defence Face Moisturiser SPF 50+ 100ml with its added sun protection.

Mineral makeup is great for giving you a glowing look that nourishes the skin while letting it breathe freely. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals, it’s also free from oil, fragrance and preservatives. The powder also means you can control the level of coverage. Apply powder to the face in small circular motions, starting from the centre and working outwards. Continuously blend until the desired level of coverage is achieved.

Post Work Out

You will want to cleanse and freshen up for the rest of your day. Garnier Micellar Water 400ml is formulated with micelles that gently lift makeup and impurities from skin. This all-in-1 cleanser, specially formulated with no oil, no alcohol, and no fragrance, is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive. No rinsing or harsh rubbing required.

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