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Ear Piercing

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Pharmacy Ear Piercing Service

If you’re thinking of having your ears pierced or those of your family, its important to know your piercing is being completed in a hygienic environment and you can access information on the best way to care for your piercing after it has been done.

Our Pharmacy teams have been providing Ear Piercing services for many years and are required to complete appropriate training. View our Pharmacy Finder here to find your local pharmacy.

What to expect on the day:

You can call ahead to check trained staff will be available to do your piercing on the day you would like to have it done or simply pop in and chat to one of our Pharmacy staff. Our team will talk you through the process and help you choose from our range of earrings.

Our staff use a piercing gun specifically designed for piercing ears. These guns require the use of a stud and clasp that come in a pre-loaded, single use, sterile cartridge.

After your Piercing:
  • Wash hands thoroughly, preferably with an antibacterial soap, before touching the piercing.
  • Rinse the piercing with water and use a fresh cotton bud to remove any crust.
  • Apply an Ear Care Solution available from the Pharmacy to the piercing while rotating the stud several times 180° left and 180º right. Only doing half turns will prevent hair wrapping around the post at the back of the lobe. In between cleaning, keep your ears dry.
  • Carry out this procedure twice daily for 6 weeks. More frequently could damage the delicate skin cells that surround the piercing and less frequently may invite infection.
  • Do not remove the studs for the first six weeks. For the first six months do not go for more than 24 hours without wearing jewellery in the piercing.
  • Pain, redness or swelling is not normal for an ear piercing and may indicate an allergic reaction or infection. If you are concerned, the Pharmacy staff can assist.
What should I do if my ears become infected?

It is normal for there to be a small amount of local pain and swelling for up to 48 hours after being pierced. Continuing significant pain, swelling or redness may indicate a bacterial infection. On first sign of pain, redness or swelling:

  • Remove the post three times each day and clean it with Cleaning Solution, do not use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol as these will slow down healing of the skin.
  • Clean the piercing on both sides of the earlobe, using a cotton ball or swab to dab sterile saline on it.
  • Before reinserting the post, cover it with a small amount of Cleaning Solution to help the infection heal.
How long does it take for a piercing to heal?

Approximately 6 weeks for an earlobe piercing and 12 weeks for piercing of the cartilage.

How soon can I change my earrings after my ears have been pierced?

The piercing earrings must be left in the ear continuously for 6 weeks.

Will I be able to take out my earrings or will the piercing close up?

If you remove your earrings during the healing process you may not be able to get them back in and risk traumatising the delicate piercing walls and introducing infection. Even a well-healed piercing left without jewellery for more than 24 hours in the first few years can close over. The body is quite amazing at resolving local issues!

How soon can I go swimming after I have had my ears pierced?

We recommend no swimming until the ears are properly healed – about 6 weeks.