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NZ Beauties

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New Zealand Beauties

Your skin will love these natural, ethical and sustainable kiwi brands

There are so many great reasons to support local brands - they make you look and feel good too!

Check out our picks of New Zealand founded skincare brands that use our native plants and other high quality ingredients for their skin nourishing properties to help look after your skin and the environment. Sustainably produced and packaged to create less waste, these products are guided by ethical and responsible business practices. Buying New Zealand made also means more jobs for Kiwis, which helps local innovation and sustainable enterprise to thrive and supports our communities.


Scientific, organic beauty you can trust

Premium natural skincare that’s healthiest for people and the Earth. Combining the highest quality ingredients from New Zealand nature and raw super-fruit extracts with science and innovation to produce high-tech certified organic and premium formulations made right here in Aotearoa.

Skin Loving Ingredients

Nutrient-rich oil from avocados grown in subtropical Northland

  • Vitamin C-rich oil from kiwifruit seeds picked from orchards in Hawke’s Bay.
  • New Zealand manuka honey harvested from hives in the North Island
  • Revolutionary antioxidant Vinanza Grape grown on Marlborough vineyards.
  • Unique bioactive extracts such as kawakawa, totara and pohutukawa wild-harvested from New Zealand forests



It’s more than just natural skin care.

Snowberry brings the best of two worlds together – nature and science. Bringing a boost of science and results to natural skin care, Snowberry blends natural botanical ingredients from Snowberry Gardens in New Zealand and all over the world, with the advantages of scientifically proven antioxidants, enzymes and peptide complexes. Snowberry’s serums are proven by independent Gold Standard Clinical Trial, the highest standard used by dermatologists.

Skin Loving Ingredients

Handpicked Harakeke Seed Oil, Totarol Oil and Kanuka Honey Extract produced by Snowberry’s own honeybees at Snowberry Gardens.



Trilogy create formulations that are effective and unique with nature's best quality ingredients.

With the purest natural plant oils and botanical extracts, their products work in harmony to restore skin's natural vitality and radiance. Trilogy believe everything healthy skin needs can be found in nature and source the most potent natural ingredients.

Skin Loving Ingredients

  • Glycablend™ is a unique nourishing blend of seed oils to improve skin texture and help restore radiance
  • Rosapene™ combines nourishing with super antioxidants to promote a healthy, younger looking skin
  • Certified organic Rosehip oil is a super food for the skin.