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The Wonder of Thermal Spring Water


Say hello to thermal spring water. Yes, it’s a new trend with beauty bloggers but it turns out it’s more than a passing phase so if you’re yet to discover thermal water and its health benefits, read on…

Magic in a bottle
Thermal water traces back to the 17th century when it was used to treat skin conditions as well as arthritis, joint pain and burns. Fast forward to today and thermal water continues to be popular for its cosmetic properties and ability to help combat skin problems. This wonder water nourishes, refreshes and soothes skin, leaving you looking and feeling amazing. 

Nature at its best
Thermal water comes from deep underground hot springs naturally heated by geothermal activity and enriched with minerals from surrounding rocks. The thermal water products you see on shelves today each have their own unique properties (depending on where the water comes from) but boast a common compatibility with our skin's biological balance, meaning they’re perfectly suited to sensitive skin.

Thermal water is known for its powerful anti-aging properties and is a great natural alternative to traditional toners and setting sprays, as well as after-sun creams. Pop a bottle in your handbag and you won’t look back.

 One product, many uses

Here are some tried and tested ways to incorporate thermal spring water into your daily skincare regime:

  • Spritz on your face and neck generously when travelling for an instant pick-me-up
  • Use as a setting spray after applying makeup
  • Apply to damaged skin to support healing
  • Calm tingling skin after shaving or waxing
  • Saturate two cotton pads and place them gently over your eyes to ease dryness associated with contact lenses or allergies
  • Use as a toner in the morning and evening
  • Refrigerate and spray over your face and body during hot summer days
  • Use to calm sunburned skin. In fact, studies have shown La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray actually reduces the formation of sunburn cells in some people after exposure to UVB rays.

Is thermal spring water right for me?
Yes! Thermal spring water is safe and effective for the whole family. Babies, teenagers and adults can all benefit from thermal water’s unique combination of mineral salts and trace elements, which help soothe and repair. Because it’s created naturally, thermal water is good news for anyone with reactive or blemish-prone skin.

If you’re keen to try thermal spring water but unsure where to start, Avène Thermal Spring Water has earned iconic status since 1736 for its soothing anti-irritant properties, making it ideal for all skin types (not to mention uber-luxurious to use). It’s faultless for setting makeup, calming razor burn and perking up skin whenever it needs a little TLC.

Head to your local Life Pharmacy and check it out this winter – your skin will thank you for it.

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