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4 Potent Natural Ingredients That Promote Radiant Skin

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Nature is the best source for miracle ingredients that nourish, nurture and protect your skin. From boosting collagen production and reducing the signs of skin ageing and relieving skin irritations. Creating a skincare regime around these 4 powerful ingredients is the first step in creating a lifetime of healthy, happy, radiant skin.


1. Rosehip Oil

This gorgeous oil produced from the seeds of rose bushes has star power behind it with long time fans Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr swearing by its proven antioxidant properties. Rosehip oil is infamous for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, softening and supporting the skin’s natural moisturising abilities, and preventing premature skin ageing.

Rosehip oil contains essential fatty acids and in lab test situations has shown to keep skin moisturised for up to six hours after application. Its potent levels of fatty acids, anti-inflammatory powers and high levels of vitamins A and C promote vibrant skin health, reduce skin pigmentation and scarring, repair damaged skin and promote healthy cell production.


2. Manuka Honey

Manuka honey boasts potent antibacterial properties making it a powerful natural ingredient in reducing and eliminating skin blemishes, while it soothes and heals. It differs from standard honey in that because it is produced from bees that pollinate the native New Zealand manuka bush, the resultant syrup has high levels of naturally occurring methylglyoxal (MG) at 100 times the levels found in honey produced by bees pollinating other flora.

On the skin, manuka honey’s powerful MG levels boost collagen production enhancing the integrity and structure of skin. This skin elixir not only retains the skin’s natural moisture but draws moisture to the skin for a radiant, dewy finish.


3. Activated Charcoal

This incredible ingredient naturally-produced from coconut shells and sawdust is masterfully heated at very high temperatures to ensure natural skin enhancing properties stay deep within tiny cavities inside the charcoal. The ‘activation’ refers to the process of applying extremely hot air or steam to erode unstable surfaces to ensure the most absorbent surface area.

When used on skin, activated charcoal removes pollutants, heavy metals, toxins and impurities in very high amounts from deep within the skin’s layers. Charcoal is a powerful treatment for acne due to its ability to reduce inflammation caused by irritated skin and draw out impurities that exacerbate acne.

Charcoal is excellent in balancing out the natural oils of the skin by removing stagnant sebum, helping to prevent blackheads. The fine grainy texture of charcoal makes it an ideal exfoliant removing dead layers of skin freshen skin.

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4. Vitamin C

We’ve all heard of the benefits of Vitamin C from fruits such as oranges for supporting ills and chills, but it’s time to get on board with Vitamin C for its benefits on our skin.

Vitamin C is a highly desirable ingredient in skincare due to its ability to stimulate collagen production thanks to its role in producing proline, which slows down skin ageing. When the skin is deficient in collagen it can become dull, lifeless and make the skin less healthy. An increase in collagen thanks to vitamin C will rejuvenate the skin, reducing signs of ageing, increasing circulation and plumping the surface.


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