Morning beauty fix - How to fake a good night’s sleep

How to fake a good night’s sleep

Eight hours of sleep each night is the most effective skincare regimen a girl can have.

When we’re sleeping our skin gets to work on repair and recovery – it undergoes cellular renewal, addresses environmental damage from the day and prepares for the environmental damage it’s likely to encounter the following day.

But it’s not always possible to get a full night’s sleep so follow these tips when you need a quick beauty fix in the morning to fake a good night’s sleep. 

Dial Down the Heat

A cool shower stimulates blood circulation in the body, which in turn can naturally tone your face.


A big part of your skin’s nightly renewal process is the removal of dead skin cells that can leave skin looking dull. Use a gentle exfoliator first thing in the morning. 


Apply a moisturiser that will assist in water retention and provide an SPF barrier for UV rays.


Eye gels are specially formulated to cool, hydrate and reduce puffiness in the under-eye area with a solid dose of peptides. 


Conceal dark circles with a brightening concealer. Go one shade lighter than your skin tone and dot miniscule amounts beneath the eye post-foundation. Gently dab to blend, using your ring finger.

Get your glow on

Create a healthy radiance with a barely there layer of light-reflecting foundation, for
a natural look.

Make your eyes pop

Curl your lashes, wash a neutral shadow across your lids and flick your mascara upward and outward for an eye-opening effect. Finish by dotting a few pin pricks of pearly eye shadow or illuminator on the inner corners of the eye. 

Think Pink

Swirl a cream blush onto your cheeks for instant glow, added warmth and a dewy finish.


Source: Living Well magazine, Issue 04, Autumn 2016. 

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