Professional & Medical Services

Your Pharmacy offers you so much more than just prescriptions. It's all about your health and well being, keeping you feeling good and looking great. These are some of the services you could find when you visit one of our pharmacies. Our aim is to Treat, Protect and Support you and your ongoing well being and that of your family. The guide below makes it easier to navigate your way through the services you are looking for.

Beauty Services

... read moreWe believe in complete well-being, about looking good as well as feeling great. Our trained beauty consultants have all the tips and tricks, as well as the knowledge on all the top skincare and beauty products, to help you to look your best. Whether you need advice on applying makeup, or you spotted a look out there you’d love to have for yourself, our experts are there to show you how.

Diagnostic & Health Checks

... read moreDiagnostic screening can give you a snapshot of your current health and be done at your pharmacy quickly, without an appointment. Early detection and prevention are key to better long term health, but knowing what health checks to have done and when can be confusing. Your pharmacy can guide you, so you know which tests may be beneficial. Pharmacists are trained to determine your risk factors, perform the health tests, and explain the results for you. With your approval, we can send your results on to your Doctor so your records will be always up to date.

Health & Medical Equipment

... read moreA large range of medical equipment is available for hire or to purchase from your local pharmacy. There are crutches, vaporisers, nebulisers, walkers and even wheelchairs! If there is something specific you need – your pharmacy team can usually find it for you.

Medicine Management

... read moreWhen it comes to your medicine management pharmacists are the medicine specialists. They will listen to your specific needs and requirements and tailor make products and services aimed at simplifying your treatment regimes coupled with products and systems that that make it easier for you and your family to manage. Advice forms a major part of the service your pharmacist provides and they have handy tools that can help you navigate your medicines and treatment.

Smoking Cessation

... read moreMany community pharmacies offer stop smoking services and can provide nicotine replacement therapy alongside advice and support for those wishing to quit. Smoking cessation services involve a consultation with the pharmacist who can create a programme to improve a smoker’s chances of giving up.

Travel Services

... read moreWhether you are travelling locally or internationally, on holiday or business your pharmacy can provide you with travel advice, information and products to ensure that you remain in good health wherever your travels may take you. Many pharmacies have passport photograph technology that meets the mandatory requirements.


... read moreA number of vaccinations are now available at your pharmacy to keep you and your family/whanau protected. In 2014 over 14,000 consumers chose to have their flu vaccine at one of our pharmacies and now we also offer the whooping cough vaccine (for adults), Meningococcal disease vaccine (to people 16 years and over) and the Shingles vaccine (to people 16 years and over) from the same pharmacies. It’s a convenient and easily accessible service avilable without an appointment. Don’t assume you are immune.

Weight Management

... read moreHealthy eating and healthy action, as part of your daily routine, are the keys to maintaining a healthy weight and reducing obesity. By comparison, fad dieting and stop-start exercise programmes give the worst results in the long term and it is the long-term on which you need to focus for best health results. Your pharmacist has some great weight loss programmes and tools to help you achieve your goals using a step wise approach that is tailored to suit your needs.

Women's Health

... read moreStep into one of our pharmacies where our pharmacists can advise on a range of women’s health products and lifestyle needs. Whether it’s Adolescence, pregnancy, breastfeeding or menopause ,women must be aware of their bodies changing needs during every stage of their life. If you are trying to conceive, it is important to understand how your hormonal cycle works. We can talk you through testing kits that predict when you are ovulating, and explain how and when to use them. Pregnancy tests can also be purchased if you think you might already be pregnant. The correct dose of supplements is important during pregnancy, especially folic acid and iodine. Your pharmacist knows the best time to start taking these. Pharmacists are able to provide antifungal products for vaginal thrush, and teach you about oral probiotics specifically designed for women to lessen their risk of recurrent infection.