Hair Colour

Colouring your hair at home is definitely a wallet-friendly option.Here are our top tips for colouring hair. For a natural result, stay within two shades of your natural hair colour to be safe. Always compare your natural hair colour with the colour guide on the back of the pack. Re-growth application- Hair grows about 1cm a month, so after 4-6 weeks it's time for a touch up. Perform a patch test 48 hours before you colour your hair. Strand test before colouring you whole head for a preview. If you are after a more dramatic change- more than two shades lighter or darker or have previously lightened hair- it is best to call your colour expert first (see contact details on pack) for To keep your hair colour for longer, use colour protection shampoo, conditioner and a regular treatment-3 easy steps for great hair:
1. For coloured hair, shampoo using a sulphate -free shampoo as it cleanses without stripping, fading or dulling hair. It also helps to improve the colour shine of your hair. 2. Condition to smooth the hair's surface to detangle it and make it more manageable for combing. There are some great leave-in and overnight options if you are short of time. 3. Nourish and repair using treatments. You can opt for a spray, cream, or a masque, depending on your hair's unique needs.

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